Kg Kraken Attack (by Loki)



Beware! The tentacles of a terrible Kraken just burst out of the waves! Hurry up, everyone on deck: get your swords, guns, and cannons! Kraken Attack is a smart cooperative game: use your pirate skills, repair the damages and choose the best weapons to save your ship!

A great defense & cooperative game! 


  • 1 Ship Board
  • 1 Kraken track board
  • 1 Kraken figurine
  • 8 Tentacles figurines
  • 40 Action cards
  • 4 Player aid cards
  • 6Kraken dice
  • 4 Pirate pawns
  • 8 Ship’s rails
  • 4 Whirpool tokens
  • 3 Kraken attack token
  • 4 Hole tokens
  • 1 Rulebook

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