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In RAIDS, you must build the stoutest Longship and gather the bravest Viking crew, then set sail to discover the world... Battle horrible monsters, collect and trade valuable goods, and be ready to do whatever is necessary to acquire golden riches and bring glory upon your name!

Over the course of 4 Voyages, prepare your crew and steer your Longship to the best locations to discover the most treasure and earn the greatest glory.

Another Viking may have his sights set on the same location as you. Don't hesitate to order your Vikings to attack his ship and try to make him run away. Only one of you can leave with the treasures you've discovered!

The Player with the most Glory points at the end of the fourth Voyage wins the game. 


- 4 Longship markers

- 4 Longship boards

- 40 Vikings pawns

- 20 Coins

- 1 World board

- 64 Voyage tiles

- 9 Harbor tiles

- 1 rulebook

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