Bf Bag X-pack



The X-P.A.C.K. was made to hold board games in their boxes.

The X-P.A.C.K.'s (Personal Army Combat Kit) rugged, Kevlar exterior protects a hard plastic interior built for strength, durability, and support.

There are two separate bags. One has backpack straps with padding on the back for comfort. The other uses a shoulder strap to carry around. The two bags can be zipped together for efficient transporting.

Outside Bag Dimensions (Backpack) - 14W x 14L x 6H

Inside Bag Dimensions (Backpack) - 13W x 13L x 5H

Outside Bag Dimensions (Shoulder Strap) - 14W x 14L x 6H

Inside Bag Dimensions (Shoulder Strap) - 13W x 13L x 5H

Outside Bag Dimension (Combined) - 14W x 14L x 12 1/2H

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