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Open if you dare!

In an effort to accelerate your learning at this wizarding school, you and your friends seek out the Big Book of Madness... But opening the book unleashes hordes of monsters which you co-operatively must contain.

You play as student wizards who foolishly open an ancient book and release imprisoned Monsters... Reseal the Book, page by page, while avoiding the creep of madness.

To win you must work together, learn new spells, master the elements and try not to lose your mind!

The Big Book of Madness is a cooperative game using deck-building mechanics. This original experience offers an exciting challenge for all players, from novices to experts.


  • 301 cards 
  • 136 elements 
  • 48 curses 
  • 35 madness 
  • 56 spells 
  • 8 wizards
  • 18 tome pages 
  • 2 tokens 
  • 1 game board 
  • Rulebook

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